Weekday Update

New Years Resolution: blog more.

Doing New Years Resolution now.

Firstly, I've been in Sweden for two years. I wrote a whole book about it that I'm not ready to publish yet. Here are some things I’ve been reluctant to write about: 

  • My first year (2015) we (Kvarnsvedens IK) won our league and because Europe does promotion/relegation this meant that we moved up to the highest division for the first time in our club's history. 
  • This past season (2016) some (ok, many) news reporters predicted we would be relegated without earning a point. I’m happy to report that we did not get relegated and by a fairly comfortable margin. 
  • For this upcoming season I've signed to play with a team in Iceland called IBV. I'm really excited about it. At first I felt a wide array of emotions about not being a part of Kvarnsvedens IK's next chapter. But now I'm solely excited to add to a new story. More on that later.
  • I've started a company called Duktig Brand. The website is duktigbrand.com (and @duktigbrand on Twitter, FB and Instagram). You can read more about that on our site. Our first product is a soccer-specific notebook and planner called the Trainer. We’ve been working on getting it just right for some time and I love that I can share it with all of you now.

Starting a company is interesting but it’s not that hard. I mean if you can run 15 120s, you can start a company. That’s how I look at most things in life. 

And just like I learned that you can’t eat Chipotle before running 120s, I’ve learned many things already from this new experience. 

They include, but are not limited to:

  • Indesign
  • How to take professional photos using only a window seat, a stepladder, a lighter and a pack of gum
  • The pros and cons of most free iPhone photo-editing apps
  • The differences between Squarespace, Shopify, GoDaddy, Tictail, Wix and makeyoprowebsite.com (dibs on that last one)
  • Dibs isn’t a legal way of claiming something
  • There are fees everywhere
  • Social media is hard
  • The devil’s in the details and Satan personally wrote most business regulations.
  • When they ask you for your title on an LLC application they mean member or owner not Ms. or Mrs.
  • Lawyers are helpful because no one should have to write their own Terms of Service Agreement. Really, no one should have to read a Terms of Service Agreement.

I can make you a logo so long as the logo is mostly text, shapes and straight lines. I can form your LLC and acquire an EIN number (which means that I also know what an EIN number is). I can write code for your website that will work, but, no, I cannot tell you why. And I can make you a Mickey Waffle if reading that just made you hungry  - and you are ok with the fact that I think it's technically a Mickey panini press.

In between training, starting the aforementioned company and re-watching Downtown Abbey, I've been coaching some awesome young goalkeepers. They work extremely hard and as any player-coach knows, they give me more ah-ha moments than I probably give them.

Outside of all that, I spend my time on the phone with various health insurance organizations, getting fingerprinted and completing other forms in order to work in Iceland, on the phone with FedEx inquiring why every package they deliver for me gets held up at customs, wondering if this means that I'm on some homeland security watch list, and, you know, the whole hair, make up, nails, showering, laundry thing. 

It's busy. I want to catch up with all my friends and family that I've missed during the past two years and won’t likely see again for another 9 months. I'm always fitting in a quick lunch or dinner or inviting them to hang out while we stare at our computers (which has a fairly high acceptance rate).

The result is that I'm nearly always exhausted when my head hits the pillow, but I feel excited when I wake up. Some days, like yesterday, I feel this pain in my back and slight constriction in my chest because my brain can't stop running through all the things I MUST remember. All the things I cannot let fail. I usually say something like "Dad, I feel like I'm having a heart attack." And he usually says something like "well, that's not useful." 

Most moments though I feel so grateful that it scares me. 

And that's the take away – because I must post this – because I must get the re-intro blog out of the way – so we can move on to more important things.

Ok. I’m back.