I Love: Positivity

July 7, 2014

When I was 12, my best friend’s father passed away suddenly.

I didn’t know him all that well. Sometimes when I slept over he would take us to breakfast at the diner (I always thought he was super cool cause he knew the waitresses, and would make everyone laugh). But we weren’t close. I was a kid, and he was someone else’s dad.

Yet – I still think about him at least two or three times each year.

I Love: Trampolines

June 23rd, 2014

Trampolines are the coolest.

Nothing brings out my inner child quite like walking into someone’s backyard and seeing a great, big, giant trampoline.

My eyes get super wide, and there is usually a high-pitched squeal right before I take off, sprinting down the lawn, hopping from one foot to the next trying to remove my shoes without losing forward momentum.

I then like to embarrass myself (or show off, depending on how highly you regard trampoline-ing prowess) with a series of jump twirls and karate kicks.

I Hate: Laundry

May 19th, 2014

I played in my first W-League reserve game this weekend (yay!). We won 4-1 (double yay!).

It was 4-0 until about the 88th minute when our team got a little bit casual, and a forward picked off a ball that was being passed between our two center backs. The forward took a couple of touches and shot it to my left, I dove, got a couple of fingertips on it, but it hit the post and went in.

I was Pissed. With a capital P.

Not at my defenders or myself or anyone really (okay maybe a little). I was just pissed. It was completely unnecessary, and looking up at the scoreboard, a 1 just looks so much sh*ttier than a 0.

I Love: Logic

Apr. 7, 2014

My mom spent the majority of my adolescence trying to get me to eat disgusting foods. I was always more than willing (maybe just willing) to try whatever she put in front of me, but she never seemed satisfied when I said I didn’t like it. “You’re not giving it a chance!”

As a consequence of this (unwarranted) mistrust, she resorted to deceit – smothering fish in sauce and telling me it was chicken, mashing up mushrooms and hiding them among my vegetables, calling it V8 juice rather than tomato juice…

Sooooo clever.

I Hate: Bad Habits

Mar. 28, 2014

I was at training last week on a beautiful (blustery) day. I was excited to be out playing, and excited to learn more awesome goalkeeper stuff. I was sure - as I am every day - that that was going to be the day that I made every save perfectly (what can I say I'm insane...I mean I'm an optimist).

We were warming up with some basic handling, and I was taking the 400th volley that week in which I didn’t get my arms out in front of me before, during, or after the shot. Predictably, my arms got jammed up against my chest and I dropped the ball.

A voice inside my head let out a blood-curdling scream. Three seconds earlier that same voice had been whispering: Get your hands out in front of you. Get your hands out in front of you. Get your hands out in front of you. And yet there the ball was again sitting at my feet.


Betrayal! My body was intentionally sabotaging me.

I Love: Learning

Mar. 16, 2014

I have very few memories of preschool. I remember vividly the mushroom cut my mother inflicted upon me(…one day before picture day). I remember the little poem we had to recite before we could eat at snack time (duh…if it’s standing between me and my graham crackers, imma remember it).

And I remember making “number rolls.” You started off by writing 1,2,3 on a really long strip of large grid paper. Then in the next row down you wrote 1, 2, 3 again – until you reached the end of the roll. You then graduated to a bigger number roll where you wrote 1,2,3,4…over and over again. Then 1,2,3,4,5 and so on…

I Love: Soccer

Mar. 5, 2014 I love soccer.

Always have.

Not in the “I like it more than school and less than partying” kind of way. But in the “wow this is a really hauntingly perceptive love song, it totally describes how I feel about soccer right now” kind of way.

This is not an easy confession to make. First, because there are a lot of activities that I am naturally better suited to do. And second, because when I was growing up, no one really wanted to hear this. Mostly – I think – because adults are terrified that if a kid deviates from what’s “normal,” he/she will drop out of school and a become crack addict.


Feb. 26, 2014

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!

My name is Adelaide – Ade if abbreviation is your thing. A if you’re into extreme abbreviation. I play a lot of soccer. Goalkeeper mostly – except when I'm leading my pick up teams to victory. I’ve done some cool stuff. But all you really need to know is that I love soccer and people who love what they do.

So why write a blog?